Fun in the Philippines
Fun in the Philippines always starts in Angeles city !

Map to fun places in Angeles City

Before you start to enjoy fun - of course you need a place to put your bag, suitcase or whatever ... and later while having fun you need the very same place again to enjoy fun and refuel your energy for even more fun next day ... Hotel Swiss Chalet is your choice - because Hotel Swiss Chalet is in the heart of Ageles city Fun - just steps away from Fields Avenue and all colorful fun places ... fun smiles, fun here in the Philippines has legs - sexy legs and smiling eyes ... unless you are OLD and just waiting for your funeral to arrive - may be you first think to START to live and start to have fun and enjoy love life in Angeles.

Click on below map to see the full size Balibago map with Fields Avenue - entertainment area and use it as your guide to Angeles City nightlife and entertainment. Just make sure you always find your way home to your Hotel Swiss Chalet - where ever you are in Balibago our Hotel always is near by.

Balibago - Hotel Swiss Chalet - area - Fields avenue in Angeles City - Philippines
map courtesy

Where to have fun in Angeles City

Good question very easy to answer .. look at the map - then click on the map to see the full size of Fields Avenue - that is the street where fun is at home ... think logic - later you may be tired - hence instead of starting right out the door of our hotel - go to one end of fields Avenue and start house by house on one side - and when you reach the end of Fields Avenue switch sides and return on the other side ...

fun is at home in Angeles city - Fields Avenue

Later ? Earlier ? When does fun in Angeles start or end ?? Is it ever too late to have fun in Angeles city or too early ??

Some places open around 10 AM and many close at 02 AM to 04 AM - others however have 24 hrs open. hence fun never starts nor ends - fun is when you have it and enjoy it - any time any place in Angeles city.

What kind of fun ?

fun in angeles city by day or night always the right place to enjoy love and life

any kind of fun that touches and heals your heart - like love - sweet love fun

any kind of fun you love to enjoy ...

Most likely you never reach the end of Fields avenue but end up in the arms of a sweet Asian beauty ...
i remember my VERY first visit in a bar - in another country in Asia and thus another city ... and I was VERY young - many decades ago.
the VERY first girl I met in the very first bar i married weeks later...

Fun can be dangerous !!

Beware of girls making you lose your head and heart ... sweetness of Asian girls may be more powerful than a bottle of Rum to a pirate. But while a bottle of Rum may last only a few minutes or hours for a real pirate - a fun girl may last eternally or at least an entire life time on earth.

Be prepared for your fun tour in the Philippines - read some or better all the secrets of love to keep your one heart in one peace strong enough to have fun all life.

To have fun in the Philippines
Fun needs to start in Angeles City
Fun needs a home - your Hotel Swiss Chalet

Inform yourself online and book rooms and flights online and be ready to enjoy fun, love and life here in our tropical paradise - the Philippines. if you are arriving from a Philippine province to Angeles City - you may want to check the Clark Airport information to see who is carrying you directly to Angeles city - the heart of love and fun in the Philippines.

Check online the room rates for our luxury rooms then book online using a simple online hotel reservation form or simply call directly our hotel reception for hotel room reservations - day and night - phone: (+63) (0)45 888 2618 - to be ready to enjoy all nightlife, fun and love soonest after your arrival here at our Hotel Swiss Chalet will be - it will make your pleasure here perfect.