Wi-Fi - wireless hotspots

Free wireless Internet broadband connection for all our guests

Swiss Chalet offers wireless roaming - in all 22 hotel rooms and indoor-/outdoor restaurant area as well as on our roof-top terrace a wireless hotspot - free for all guests - with broadband DSL Internet connection. Are you away from home and still need to do your online work, emailing or enjoy VoIP connectivity - then enjoy our Wi-Fi hotspot day and night - 24/7 - to make your vacation here in Angeles City, Philippines even more pleasant and relaxing. Presently 3 Wi-Fi hotspots create a full coverage of the entire building from groundfloor to roof top terrace on 4 floors and ease your wireless roaming where ever you move within the Restaurant and Hotel compound.

The 2 luxury suites are equipped with a desktop computer with DSL Internet connection.

wi-fi wireless hotspot

Technical data of our Restaurant and Hotel wifi-hotspots:

3 Linksys accesspoints for area coverage Hotel rooms 1-12, Restaurant and roof top terrace as listed below:

Our ESSID are:

Work online while enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner in our Swiss Chalet restaurant with some fine Swiss food, Filipino food or international gourmet food ... or enjoy our fine delicacies in your hotel room while working online.