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Increase in Room rates

After several years we see the need to increase the room rates by 100 Pesos a day.
Existing bookings will of course be honored at the old price.
With the Peso depreciation the rooms are actually cheaper in foreign currencies than several years ago.

Room upgrades in 2015

About half of our room sport a new, more modern look.
To make it more attractive for our many returning guests we gave the rooms different color tones. There are red, blue, green and yellow rooms.

We plan to do the rest of the rooms in 2016, until then we can't guarantee a nwe or old style room. We hope for your kind understanding.

neue Einrichtung im Swiss Chalet neue Einrichtung im Swiss Chalet neue Einrichtung im Swiss Chalet neue Einrichtung im Swiss Chalet

Sep. 25th 2014 onwards - Octoberfest at Swiss Chalet

With typical Octoberfest Specialities, German Beer and lots of fun.

Dec 2013 New Chef at Swiss Chalet

The Swiss Butcher and Chef Beat List (left side) joins the Swiss Chalet Team.
A warm Welcome to the Bachelor from Kreuzlingen around Lake Constance!

Chef Beat List

Junior Boss on tour in Europe

Goalkeeper Jastine Goalkeeper Jastine will travel wit the Makati Soccer Club to Europe to fight against International Teams for the the trophy.

They will be 1 week in Spain to join the Costa Blanca Cup, dann 1 week in Sweden in the Gothia Cup and then 1 week in Denmark in the Dana Cup

We wish him and his team all the best during this trip!

Celebrate Octoberfest with us in the Swiss Chalet from September 27 till end of October

October Fest

Sausages, Pork Knuckle, Chicken BBQ and others - only in the Swiss Chalet!

Where does the Swiss Chalet get all those Goodies from?

*) Most of tasty Ham, smoked Bacon, Breakast Bacon, Coppa etc comes in by airfreight from our Swiss Butcher in Davao.

*) All the tender Pork Chops, lovely Sausages, Meatloaf etc comes from our Swiss Butcher in Pangasinan.

*) From EuroSwiss in Manila we receive Swiss Cheese, Wines, Pasta, Ialian Salami, Swiss Schnaps etc.

But there is one very important Person in Switzerland who organizes Fondue, Meringue, Pastetli, Ramseier Most and even our imported kitchen tools and machinery.

It's my best Friend for 30 years, Thomas Junker from Weinfelden.

He spends a lot of time sourcing those items, packs them and sends them via air or sea freight, hence is an important part of the Swiss Chalet Team.

We would like to express our sincere Gratitude and 'Dankeschön' for all the help.

Thomas Junker

Chef Herbert becomes Father December 26 2011

On December 26 our Chef Herbert became father to a little Baby Girl.
Victoria Rose and Mother Lisa are doing fine.

Victoria Rose Resl

Honorary mention of Rochel December 15 2011

Rochel is with us for many years and does a great job as Head Waitress.
Always a smile and a kind word for our customers and never looses it when the restaurant is busy and full.

Helps organizing table cloth, tailors etc after her duty is done.

Rochel, the Swiss Chalet would like to thank you for your Dedication and excellent job you're doing way beyond the call of Duty.

Head Waitress Rochel

Swiss Chalet honors longest member during Xmas Party December 15 2011

Francisca V. Valerta shed a few tears as she received a special Bonus of 25 000 Pesos in addition to the Xmas Bonus for her dedicated work of almost 20 Years with both Swiss Chalet and former Black Jack Restaurant.

Francisca bekommt Bonus

Thai food starting December 2011

Thelma, cooking for us for about 15 years attended a 1 week Thai cooking school in Bangkok.
Try and compare our Thai food with other restaurants in Town!

Francisca bekommt Bonus

Original Swiss Cider starting November 2011

We import and serve the well known Ramseier Cider consisting of 70% apples and 30% pears.
Very refreshing on a hot day or evening, give it a try!

New room rates starting July 2011

Rising Labour and Electricity costs make it necessary to increase our room rates. See new list on our Rates Page

New Transportation prices to Manila starting January 2011

Increasing Gasoline cost forces us to raise our prices. See new list on our Transportation Page

Celebrate with us Octoberfest 2010 in the Swiss Chalet

Our Chef Herbert offers some Specialities in Honor of the Octoberfest in Munich:

October small

1.) Oktoberfestplatte
Roast Pork, Sauerkraut, Bread Dumpling, White Sausage, Bratwurst Thüringer Style
PHP 350.-
2.) Bratwurst Munich Style (70g) PHP 150.-
3.) Roast Pork, White Sausage, Bratwurst Thüringer Style PHP 220.-
4.) 4.) German Meatloaf with 2 fried eggs PHP 235.-
5.) ½ Chicken in the Basket PHP 270.-
* Kaiser Beer (german 0.5 l) in can PHP 110.-
* Warsteiner Beer (german 0.33 l) in can PHP 80.-
* Side Orders: Bread Dumpling, Potato salad, Sauerkraut PHP 80.-

New Uniforms in February 2010

Our Waitresses and Front Desk Ladies got new Uniforms at our 6. Anniversary. We would like to thank our Guests for their patronage and at the same time show that quality is still our main concern and we do the utmost for the satisfation of our guests.

6. Anniversary Banner, Balibago Front Desk Uniforms Swiss Chalet, Balibago Front Desk Uniformen Swiss Chalet, Balibago New Uniforms of Waitress in Swiss Chalet, Balibago

We celebrated the 60th Birthday of owner Hans

and have some pictures in the Fotogallery.